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For Employers

Only companies with strong employer brands win the best talent. Company values and integrity count more than ever before. Those who keep their promises as an employer have a clear advantage. By taking your social responsibility seriously, you can strengthen your own employer brand and motivate, attract, and acquire the best talent on the market as a result.


Implementation: simple and digital

Encouraging employees and implementing CollectPlus is also extremely easy within large companies. We implement digitally, with explainer videos, advice given via chatbot, and intuitive guides for users to aid completion of our online registration.

Thus, there are no direct costs and minimal administrative requirements for both employer and employee. In order to achieve our innovative implementation, we work with Google and Microsoft (among others), to save brokers and companies a lot of time, money, and CO2 compared to conventional consulting and implementation methods.



Take over responsibility –

Strengthen your employer brand.

For Doctors and Pharmacists

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For Health Insurances

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